ThumbDrive®, or USB Flash Drive, is our pride. After all, we invented it more than a decade ago. Since we unveiled it in CeBIT during the year 2000, ThumbDrive® has become the de facto standard for mobile media storage worldwide.

ThumbDrive® MINI ThumbDrive® HIPPO ThumbDrive® Micro ThumbDrive® UDP


ThumbDrive® Cloud


ThumbDrive® Cloudcombines the efficient and handy ThumbDrive® with storage option in the Cloud.

Get additional 4GB storage online at CloudStringers and learn how to utilise this platform to generate an income stream for yourself!

Visit or simply buy the ThumbDrive® Cloud to be connected.


Flucard® – Enabling Wi-Fi transfers between camera and other Wi-Fi devices


Flucard_Ultra           Flucard Ultra

FLU_CARD_pentax           Flucard® for Pentax O-FC1


Flucard® is a wireless SD card that liberates your photo-taking experience.  Besides offering your existing camera the physical storage capacity of a SD card, it transforms the camera into a wireless device, giving a whole new dimension to capturing, storing and sharing your precious moments.

More than just a wireless SD Card, the Flucard® allows users to transform inert devices such as digital cameras into products for the new digital lifestyle.  By allowing the seamless transfer of pictures and videos between users and the ability to upload onto the ‘cloud’, the Flucard® provides a whole new alternative user experience in sharing and storing information.  While digital cameras have been identified as the initial market for the Flucard®, its inherent benefits could potentially extend into areas such as consumer home entertainment domain, office productivity domain and even the Health care industry.

Flucard® with its wide ranging of applications bridges your hardware platform through scalable software apps.

Flucard® comes with a host of Flucard® Apps that can be downloaded from Apple authorised stores, Android authorised stores & Trek Flucard® portal @


Flucard® for Pentax O-FC1

Newly developed for the PENTAX K-3, this SDHC memory card offers wireless LAN connection to a compatible smartphone. Via a designated Web browser, the user can inspect a live-view image, release the K-3’s shutter, shift the AE sensor point, and check images recorded on the card using the smartphone screen.



DPReview ratings of Pentax O-FC1 Flucard  

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The way people film and record videos is set to change with Trek’s, Ai-Ball™, the world’s smallest portable Wi-Fi camera. No bigger than a Singapore 50-cent coin, the Ai-Ball offers users high quality 2MP video streams up to a distance of 20 meters without the use of wires.

In addition to its appeal to retail customers, the portability and manoeuvrability of the Ai-Ball™ also allows for a range of commercial uses in the security and utilities fields. To cater to enterprise customers, Trek has also designed an elegant Ai-Ball™ cradle with power adaptors to support its extended use.

Ai-Ball™ equally comes with a host of PC and smart phone Apps that are available under: Ai-Ball Apps in Apple authorised stores, Android authorised stores and Trek Ai-Ball portal @


Wireless Magnifying Camera

The innovative Wireless Magnifying Camera allows users to film and record videos via a smartphone device, PC or tablet through WIFI connection with ease. It can be used for forensic investigation and dermatology.




The wearable ThumbDrive Smartband comes with USB drive and Fitness Apps features. It also comes with a free-of-charge Software Development Kit for software developers to write applications on top of the ThumbDrive Smartband’s platform.

Smart Gateway

  1. Personal Assistance System
  2. Heart Rate, Respiration rate and ECG waveform collect and processing and display
  3. Alarm and reminder to nurse automatically
  4. Upload the Real time data to server or cloud


Wearable devices (Nurse version)

  1. Display Real time clock
  2. Capture info and instruction from Smart Gateway and display it.
  3. Communicate with Smart Gateway


Patient Alert System

Targeting dementia patients, the wearable device has in-built Bluetooth and sensor capabilities which are pressure-driven. It will trigger and alert medical staff via handphone/PC once a dementia patient alights from their bed.

Smart Sensor (for diapers)

Designed especially for babies and adults who require to wear diapers.

The Smart Sensor will sense when the diaper needs to be changed and will alert the caregiver accordingly.

Extremely efficient and productive solution to manage cost of diapers too.

Hospital trials are in progress.

Designed especially for babies and adults who require to wear diapers.

The Smart Sensor will sense when the diaper needs to be changed and will alert the caregiver accordingly.

Extremely efficient and productive solution to manage cost of diapers too.

Hospital trials are in progress.